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  • Timothy Taylor's Havercake 500ml bottle
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    500ml Havercake Bottle Packs

    £26.00 - £150.00
    A robust Yorkshire Ale with a full taste of malt and oats, created using a mixture of amber malt and two types of oat malt. This delivers a full-bodied, moreish ale with a creamy head and slight sweetness.
  • Timothy Taylor's Dark Mild Mini Keg
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    Dark Mild Mini Keg

    The first time Dark Mild has been available to be enjoyed at home. A 3.4% dark ruby beer with roasted notes and a smooth, creamy taste. A favourite of lovers of a good mild.
  • Landlord Mini Keg
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    Landlord Mini Keg

    The drinkers' favourite. A 4.1% ABV classic full flavoured pale ale. Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer and is the go to drink for any cask ale lover.
  • 440ml Artesian Can 12-Pack
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    440ml Artesian Can 12-Pack

    Artesian is a fresh 4.2% pale ale with Crystal, Chinook and Amarillo hops, Pale Ale malt and wheat. Packed with the summery aromas and flavours of elderflowers and gooseberries.
  • Timothy Taylor's Celebratory Eight Mixed Beer Pack 24
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    Celebratory Eight Mixed Packs

    £55.00 - £74.00
    It's time to celebr-eight with our new combo packs containing your favourites, plus two limited edition beers! That's right, we've paired our classics with both Havercake and Artesian, giving you the chance to try them before they go.
  • Create Your Own Personalised Pint Tankard - Timothy Taylor's
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    Create Your Own Personalised Pint Tankard

    Our traditional Howarth Pint Tankard is beautifully etched with our Timothy Taylor's logo, and your own special, personalised message. The perfect gift for any special occasion.
  • Hopical Storm Bobble Hat
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    Hopical Storm Big Bobble Hat

    Bright orange premium bobble hat with oversized orange, white and black pom pom. With our Hopical Storm lightning bolt flashing on a stitched panel on the front of the cuff. One size fits all.
  • Timothy Taylor's Hopical Storm bucket hat
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    Hopical Storm Reversible Bucket Hat

    Our Hopical Storm bucket hat strikes twice with a reversible print, moving from bright orange to black at the flip of a hat! Covered in our trademark lightning bolts with our striking logo on the front, these are the perfect accessory to your summer.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord Bobble Hat
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    Landlord Bobble Hat

    Dark green bobble hat with gold and green pom pom and the one-and-only 'LANDLORD' emblazoned in gold across the front. One size fits all.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord reversible bucket hat
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    Landlord Reversible Bucket Hat

    Was: £20.00
    Now: £18.00
    Our Landlord reversible bucket hat features both a green 'Make Mine A Landlord' side, and when you flip it you get a black Timothy Taylor's side. The perfect way to show off your beer love, whatever the weather.
    10% off until 25 July
  • Magnificent Seven Beer Box Timothy Taylor's
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    Magnificent Seven Box

    If you'd like to try our full range of beers, then this is the combo for you! Saddle up and enjoy our Magnificent Seven box! Containing an assortment of 24 bottles and cans and every beer in our range.
  • Timothy Taylor's Tankard & Socks Combo
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    Tankard & Socks Combo

    Our famous Tankard & Socks Combo really does make the perfect gift for anyone's Timothy Taylor's-loving dad, mum, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandad, great-grandma, can see where we're going with this!