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Father's Day

Father's Day beer gifts from Timothy Taylor's

Treat your dad, stepdad, grandad, or anyone who's like a dad with that Taste of Taylor's this Father's Day (Sunday 16 June 2024). We have a range of beer gifts available, from our ever-popular mini kegs, to mixed hampers, and even a lovely pair of socks. We also offer personalised bottles and tankards, the perfect way to make Father's Day extra special. All with free UK delivery, named week delivery, and gift message on every order, no matter how much you spend.

  • Create Your Own Timothy Taylor's Personalised Bottles | Bottle & Pint Glass Gift Pack
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    Create Your Own Personalised Bottles - Bottle & Pint Glass Gift Pack

    Simply type in a name or message into the personalised text box of your chosen beer. You can mix the box however you like, and have a different message on both the Landlord and Boltmaker bottles. Includes a classic branded tulip pint glass.
  • Create Your Own Timothy Taylor's Personalised Bottles | 12 Pack
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    Create Your Own Personalised Bottles - 12 Pack

    Simply type in a name or message into the personalised text box of your chosen beer. You can mix the box however you like, and have a different message on both the Landlord and Boltmaker bottles.
  • Timothy Taylor's Havercake 500ml bottle
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    500ml Havercake Bottle Packs

    £26.00 - £150.00
    A robust Yorkshire Ale with a full taste of malt and oats, created using a mixture of amber malt and two types of oat malt. This delivers a full-bodied, moreish ale with a creamy head and slight sweetness.
  • Landlord Mini Keg
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    Landlord Mini Keg

    The drinkers' favourite. A 4.1% ABV classic full flavoured pale ale. Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer and is the go to drink for any cask ale lover.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord reversible bucket hat
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    Landlord Reversible Bucket Hat

    Was: £20.00
    Now: £18.00
    Our Landlord reversible bucket hat features both a green 'Make Mine A Landlord' side, and when you flip it you get a black Timothy Taylor's side. The perfect way to show off your beer love, whatever the weather.
    10% off until 25 July
  • Timothy Taylor's Celebratory Eight Mixed Beer Pack 24
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    Celebratory Eight Mixed Packs

    £55.00 - £74.00
    It's time to celebr-eight with our new combo packs containing your favourites, plus two limited edition beers! That's right, we've paired our classics with both Havercake and Artesian, giving you the chance to try them before they go.
  • Timothy Taylor's Hopical Storm bucket hat
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    Hopical Storm Reversible Bucket Hat

    Our Hopical Storm bucket hat strikes twice with a reversible print, moving from bright orange to black at the flip of a hat! Covered in our trademark lightning bolts with our striking logo on the front, these are the perfect accessory to your summer.
  • Hopical Storm Bobble Hat
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    Hopical Storm Big Bobble Hat

    Bright orange premium bobble hat with oversized orange, white and black pom pom. With our Hopical Storm lightning bolt flashing on a stitched panel on the front of the cuff. One size fits all.
  • Create Your Own Personalised Pint Tankard - Timothy Taylor's
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    Create Your Own Personalised Pint Tankard

    Our traditional Howarth Pint Tankard is beautifully etched with our Timothy Taylor's logo, and your own special, personalised message. The perfect gift for any special occasion.
  • Magnificent Seven Beer Box Timothy Taylor's
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    Magnificent Seven Box

    If you'd like to try our full range of beers, then this is the combo for you! Saddle up and enjoy our Magnificent Seven box! Containing an assortment of 24 bottles and cans and every beer in our range.
  • Timothy Taylor's Tankard & Socks Combo
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    Tankard & Socks Combo

    Our famous Tankard & Socks Combo really does make the perfect gift for anyone's Timothy Taylor's-loving dad, mum, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandad, great-grandma, can see where we're going with this!
  • Yorkshire Favourites Gift Box
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    Yorkshire Favourites Gift Box

    Contains: 500ml Landlord Bottle, 500ml Boltmaker Bottle, 500ml Knowle Spring Bottle, 330ml Cook Lane IPA Bottle, Landlord Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, Landlord Chutney, Poulter's Porter Orange Marmalade, Botham's of Whitby Landlord Fruit Cake
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord Bobble Hat
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    Landlord Bobble Hat

    Dark green bobble hat with gold and green pom pom and the one-and-only 'LANDLORD' emblazoned in gold across the front. One size fits all.
  • Timothy Taylor's Make Mine A Boltmaker T-Shirt
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    ‘Make Mine A Boltmaker’ T-Shirt

    Was: £20.00
    Now: £18.00
    Our 100% cotton ‘Make Mine A Boltmaker’ t-shirt is perfect for any Boltmaker fan in your life, or just yourself.
    10% off until 25 july
  • Champion Box (12 x Landlord & 12 x Boltmaker)
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    Champion Box - 12 x Landlord & 12 x Boltmaker

    The drinkers' favourite and our genuine Yorkshire Bitter are now available together in our Champion Box - named so because both Landlord and Boltmaker are previous CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain winners.
  • Timothy Taylor's Classics, Craft & Glass Variety Box
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    Classics, Craft & Glass Variety Box

    11 award-winning bottles and a tulip pint glass, beautifully etched with our Timothy Taylor's logo - it's the perfect gift for Father's Day or any special occasion.
  • Timothy Taylor's Make Mine A Landlord T-Shirt
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    ‘Make Mine A Landlord’ T-Shirt

    Our 100% cotton ‘Make Mine A Landlord’ t-shirt is perfect for any Landlord fan in your life, or just yourself.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord 500ml bottle packs
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    500ml Landlord Bottle Packs

    £52.00 - £132.00
    The drinkers' favourite. A 4.1% ABV classic full flavoured pale ale. Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer and is the go to drink for any cask ale lover.
  • Timothy Taylor's Dog Bandana
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    Dog Bandana

    Beautifully embroidered with a striking, single Timothy Taylor's logo and machine-washable for those walks in the mud. Featuring a stitched fold at the top so you can thread the collar through, making them impossible to shake off.
  • Timothy Taylor's Dog Lead
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    Dog Lead

    Turn your pooch into a Timothy Taylor's ambassadog with our new branded dog lead! The perfect accessory for a stroll to a dog-friendly pub.
  • Timothy Taylor's Socks
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    Perfect for the pub, the boardroom, lounging about at home or anywhere really! These socks are a true must-have for any Taylor's fan!
  • Timothy Taylor's Black Rugby Shirt
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    Black Rugby Shirt

    Our rugby shirt is made from 100% soft touch cotton with a cream collar, long sleeves and embroidered with the Timothy Taylor's logo.
  • Timothy Taylor's Hopical Storm 440ml Can
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    440ml Hopical Storm Can 12-Pack

    Strike Thirst. Unleash a tropical cyclone of refreshment with this 4% triple-hopped, sessionable pale ale topped with flavours of mandarin, mango and passion fruit.
  • Timothy Taylor's Cycle Jerseys
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    Cycle Jerseys

    Our cycle jerseys are three rear-pocketed and made from top-notch Airtex quick drying fabric; ready for even the harshest climate, with plenty of room for a bottle or two when you get thirsty!
  • Timothy Taylor's Glassware
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    £9.00 - £20.00
    Our range of glassware has something for everyone. From our traditional pint tankard to its half pint counterpart, and our classic tulip pint glass.
  • Timothy Taylor's green apron
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    Front-pocketed with an embroidered logo, whether you're carving the Sunday roast or cooking up a storm on the BBQ, you'll look great!
  • Timothy Taylor's Classic Beer Gift Pack
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    Classic Beer Gift Pack

    Our classic beer gift pack contains a selection of some of our most-famous beers and offers a range of different flavours to try.
  • Timothy Taylor's Craft Beer Gift Pack
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    Craft Beer Gift Pack

    Our craft beer gift pack lives up to its name - offering you a variety of beer styles, from a modern IPA to a dark and rich porter - ideal for even the most discerning drinker.
  • Timothy Taylor's bottle opener fridge magnet - Landlord
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    Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

    These handy fridge magnets are a great gift for a Taylor's fan. Choose between a Timothy Taylor's or Landlord design (or both)!
  • Timothy Taylor's Bar Blade Large Key Ring
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    Bar Blades

    £12.50 - £14.00
    Made from durable stainless steel and powder-coated with our legendary logo on a subtle black background. Your essential accessory for cracking open your favourite Timothy Taylor's ales in style.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord Fruit Cake
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    Landlord Fruit Cake

    This Yorkshire delicacy is the result of two Yorkshire companies with a combined 300 years' experience in brewing and baking working together - now that's definitely worth raising a glass to!
  • Poulter's Porter Orange Marmalade
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    Poulter's Porter Orange Marmalade

    Ever tried a lovely Marmalade Porter? Well now is your chance to try a Porter Marmalade, made with our beautiful Poulter's Porter ale. Mandarins combine seamlessly with the beer to produce a moreish spread that will perk up any breakfast!
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord Chutney
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    Landlord Chutney

    Sweet and chunky red onions are gently simmered in balsamic vinegar to create this rich and dark chutney - with our very own Landlord added in as the star of the show.
  • Timothy Taylor's black mug
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    Solidly ceramic with a shiny black finish, it will suit any kitchen and is sturdy enough for even the strongest of coffees.

When is Father’s Day 2024?

Sunday 16 June is when Father’s Day falls this year, so there’s no better time than now to get planning.

Father’s Day Beer-Themed Gifts

If your dad is anything like ours, he’s notoriously hard to buy for. But you know what will never disappoint? His favourite beer. That’s why our beer-themed Father’s Day gifts are an easy pick every year for dads, grandads, and father figures across the UK.

Beer-Themed Shirts, Socks and Hats Galore!

If your dad has no trouble buying his own beer, then go back to the old faithful Father’s Day presents but make them beer-themed! We have a fun range of Timothy Taylor’s t-shirts, socks, hats and even cycle jerseys and rugby shirts if you want to fit two hobbies into one present. A wearable present is always a good idea on Father’s Day, as when he’s opened it your dad is obligated to wear it, and people love obligations with their gifts. We also have pooch-themed presents, including Timothy Taylor’s bandanas and leads for dogs, just in case you want your Father’s Day present to be for the family dog that he never wanted (but still loves more than anyone else).

Timothy Taylor’s Beer Gift Packs

Of course, you could also keep things simple and just get your dad the beer that he loves instead. Mix and match with our craft beer boxes or get a mini keg of your dad’s favourite that’s sure to last a while (or not). If you want a beer-themed Father’s Day gift that’s really special, we recommend our personalised bottle and pint glass gift pack. No more stealing our pint glasses from the pub! When you buy one directly from us, you get two personalised beer bottles to boot, letting you not only pick your dad’s favourites, but personalise the labels so it looks like you made the extra effort – when we both know it was actually very easy. Win-win!