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Beer Cases

Discover beer cases and packs

  • Timothy Taylor's Havercake 500ml bottle
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    500ml Havercake Bottle Packs

    £26.00 - £150.00
    A robust Yorkshire Ale with a full taste of malt and oats, created using a mixture of amber malt and two types of oat malt. This delivers a full-bodied, moreish ale with a creamy head and slight sweetness.
  • Artesian Thornbridge Brewery Timothy Taylor's Brewery 440ml can
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    440ml Artesian Can 12-Pack

    Artesian is a fresh 4.2% pale ale with Crystal, Chinook and Amarillo hops, Pale Ale malt and wheat. Packed with the summery aromas and flavours of elderflowers and gooseberries.
    Limited edition
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord 500ml bottle packs
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    500ml Landlord Bottle Packs

    £52.00 - £132.00
    The drinkers' favourite. A 4.1% ABV classic full flavoured pale ale. Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer and is the go to drink for any cask ale lover.
  • Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker 500ml bottle packs
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    500ml Boltmaker Bottle Packs

    £52.00 - £132.00
    A well-balanced 4.2% ABV, genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma – Boltmaker is first choice for the discerning drinker.
  • Timothy Taylor's Knowle Spring 500ml bottle packs
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    500ml Knowle Spring Bottle Packs

    £52.00 - £132.00
    A full-bodied blonde beer brewed with Golden Promise barley malt, Strisselspalt hops from Alsace, and UK-grown Minstrel, Cascade and Chinook hops. An easy-drinking beer with floral and grapefruit aromas and spiced orange on the tongue.
  • Timothy Taylor's Landlord Dark 500ml bottle packs
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    500ml Landlord Dark Bottle Packs

    £52.00 - £132.00
    This perfectly balanced mellow beer has body and depth. It has a fruity, toasted aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and roasted malts on the tongue.
  • Timothy Taylor's Hopical Storm 440ml Can
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    440ml Hopical Storm Can 12-Pack

    Strike Thirst. Unleash a tropical cyclone of refreshment with this 4% triple-hopped, sessionable pale ale topped with flavours of mandarin, mango and passion fruit.
  • Timothy Taylor's Cook Lane IPA 330ml bottle packs
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    330ml Cook Lane IPA Bottle Packs

    £33.00 - £60.00
    A best-in-class modern IPA using aromatic English grown Cascade and Chinook hops. This gives the beer a less harsh and more gentle flavour profile than many of the extreme, hoppy IPAs currently flooding the market.
  • Timothy  Taylor's Poulter's Porter 330ml bottle packs
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    330ml Poulter's Porter Bottle Packs

    £33.00 - £60.00
    Poulter’s Porter is a rich, dark, warming 4.8% ABV porter with hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice – perfect for crisp winter evenings.